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10 Dog Friendly Beaches You Need to Visit This Summer

Posted by Alicia Compton on

Summer is right around the corner. That means school is out. Plus, a lot of families will be hitting the beach for some much needed vacation time. What better way to celebrate the summer than have paws in the sand right next to YOUR feet in the sand?! There are so many dog friendly beaches where your dog can play and romp in the water. The best part is, most of them do not require the dog to wear a leash!

There will be families across the nation hitting the roads this summer in search of the perfect beach destination. Maybe your family has a favorite. I know for years our family has enjoyed the Tybee Island beach near Savannah, Georgia. Unfortunately, it isn’t a dog friendly beach. Although many local hotels are dog friendly. They also have a pretty cool dog park on the island. But, dogs just simply are not allowed on the beach.

Planning a trip to a dog friendly beach

We usually have someone come in and care for our dogs when we take a vacation. Thankfully we have family and friends who are willing to help us out. I’d love to have more opportunities to let our dogs dip their paws in the water. But, sometimes with two children under 6, I think that would be a lot of extra company on our vacation. So, having someone come in to care for them seems much more feasible right now.

But, when we the kids are older, I’d love to be able to bring our dogs with us on a beach vacation or two. I, of course, want them to get the full effect of “beachin’”. In order to do that, I have to find a beach that will allow them to surf the waves.

Dog Friendly Beaches: What are The Rules?

Any beach that you visit is going to have set rules. Not every beach will have the same rules, though. Beaches set these guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone on the beach. So, before you take your dog out for a dip, you’ll want to read up on the beaches rules. Most dog friendly beaches have their own set of rules in regards to the dogs allowed on the beach.

In most cases, rules are similar across the table when it comes to beaches that are dog friendly. Some of the more popular rules may include, but are not limited to:

  • Date and time restrictions. Some dog friendly beaches only allow dogs on the beach during certain times of the day and/or year. It is important that you make sure dogs are allowed during the time you plan on booking your vacation.
  • Only well mannered, leashed dogs allowed. Just because a beach is deemed “dog friendly”, doesn’t mean dogs are allowed off leash. Many beaches require that the dog must be well mannered as well as on a leash while on the beach.
  • Specific areas only. Many times dogs are only allowed at designated areas only on the beach. Make sure where you plan on beachin’ at is in the “dog friendly” zone.
  • Dogs must be current on vaccinations. You are going to find this rule at pretty much any dog friendly beach. It may even be required your dog wears an identification tag and current rabies tag, too. You may even need to have proof of the vaccines on you while on the beach.
  • No aggressive dogs allowed. This rule is pretty much a no brainer. Would you take your dog around another dog that could possibly hurt them? I didn’t think so.
  • Dog must be altered to be off leash. This is one rule that is pretty common for off leash dog friendly beaches. Since most dogs don’t come to the beach for -- ahem -- “summer lovin’”. So, to prevent any Summer Vacation accidents, many beaches require for dogs to be neutered and/or spayed.
  • Clean up after your pet. A lot of dog friendly beaches are kind enough to have poop bags and trash cans located up and down the beach. But, just in case, make sure to bring your own poop bags and a way to pick up the poop. Nobody wants to step in dog poop enjoying a walk down the beach.

  • Now, remember, not all rules are going to be the same for every dog friendly beach. But, since most places enforce these rules, it is better safe than sorry to be on your “P’s and Q’s”.

    If you didn’t read my blog post on traveling with pets, make sure to look it over. Especially before you take any beach trips with your dog.

    Traveling With Pets: The “Down Low” on Doing it The Right Way

    10 Dog Friendly Beaches You Need to Visit This Summer

    Regardless of what state you are in, I am sure you will be able to find a dog friendly beach near you. Since we eventually plan on taking a beach trip with our pooches in the future, we wanted to find dog friendly beaches close to us. Since we are in the South, I have, of course, included some southern dog friendly beach options.

    1. James Island County Park Dog Park in Charleston, South Carolina

    James Island County Park Dog Park is a dog friendly beach area in Charleston, SC

    Charleston is a historic, popular travel destination in Charleston, South Carolina. There are so many family friendly activities at the James Island County Park in Charleston. You can visit the Splash Zone Waterpark or the Climbing Wall. There are also picnic and campsites available in the park.

    Dogs are welcome at the James Island County Park Dog Park. This dog park features a large lake where your dog can run and play. Plus, they can dip their paws in the water, too. The perfect way to cool off during a hot Summer’s day.

    There are other super dog friendly beaches in the Charleston area, too. Folly Beach is another area that is dog friendly. But, dogs who visit Folly Beach must wear a leash at all times. You can also find the popular choice when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat with your dog, Lost Dog Cafe.

    2. Coronado Dog Beach in Coronado, California

    Coronado Beach in California is a dog friendly beach

    Coronado Dog Beach is a popular off leash dog friendly beach option in the Coronado, California area. After visiting the dog beach, you can stop by Wag n’ Tails and wash the sand off your dog. As well as grab a treat or two for your pooch.

    There are also many dog friendly hotels close by. As well as dining areas that allow dogs. Including the popular Mc P’s. Mc P’s even hosts a monthly Yappy Hour that benefits a local animal shelter.

    3. Anne’s Beach in Islamorada, Florida

    Anne's Beach is a dog friendly beach

    Anne’s Beach is one of those tucked away treasures. This dog friendly beach has a lot to offer though. You can find a boardwalk, swimming area, and picnic areas at Anne’s Beach. There are also bathroom facilities available at the beach.

    Dogs are also welcomed to romp and play at Anne’s Beach. Off leash, that is. It is a super dog friendly gem of a beach, that is for sure!

    4. Fort De Soto Park in Tierra Verde, Florida

    Fort De Soto is a dog friendly beach

    Fort De Soto Park has two fenced in areas near the beach. This gives dogs a chance for an off leash swim. Overall, there are over 7 miles of waterfront at the Fort De Soto Park. As well as camping, picnic areas, playgrounds, and trails. You may even get the chance to see many different species of birds. Especially since 328 species live at the park.

    This park in Tierra Verde, Florida is a very popular destination for a dog friendly beach experience. Plus, you will want to explore all 1,100+ acres of Fort De Soto Park.

    5. Port Jeff Dog Beach in Port Jefferson, New York

    Port Jeff Dog Beach is a dog friendly beach

    In reality, the whole Port Jefferson area of New York is pretty dog friendly. From the beaches to the restaurants. Almost anywhere you go, your pooch can go, too. The Port Jeff Dog Beach is a super popular spot. Dogs can roam around unleashed. Plus there are plenty of vendors nearby with yummy treats for you and your dog.

    6. Fiesta Island in San Diego, California

    Fiesta Island is a dog friendly dog beach

    Fiesta Island is exactly what it claims to be -- a party island! Dogs can even enjoy a pawsome time relaxing here. There are walking trails and an aquatic center on this island. Plus, dogs are allowed off leash. The beach even has firepits. So, if you and your pup are ready to pawty, Fiesta Island is where you want to be.

    7. Double Bluff Beach and Dog Park in Whidbey Island, Washington

    Double Bluff Beach is a dog friendly beach


    Interested in visiting an island that has literally gone to the dogs? Then you will love Double Bluff Beach and Dog Park in Whidbey Island, Washington. Horses are even allowed on the beach. Plus, there is a fenced off area especially for your tail wagging best friend.

    Double Bluff Beach and Dog Park is loaded with seashells and clams to discover, too. There is a beautiful view of Seattle in the background as well. If you are looking for a scenic getaway, Whidbey Island in Washington is where it is at.

    8. Cannon Beach in Cannon Beach, Oregon

    Cannon Beach is a dog friendly beach

    Cannon Beach is a super popular destination in Oregon. Especially when it comes to special date nights. But, this beach isn’t just for a romantic night out. You will find that Cannon Beach is also a super dog friendly beach.

    As long as you have a well behaved pooch, he or she can walk off leash along the coast. There are also plenty of trails to explore. There is plenty to see in Cannon Beach.

    9.Longport Dog Beach in Longport, New Jersey

    Longport Dog Beach is a dog friendly beach

    Longport Dog Beach is exactly what it says it is. This is a great dog friendly dog beach in New Jersey. Where, of course, no leashes are required to have a good time. The ocean view here is also absolutely gorgeous. If you are looking for a real beach outing with your pooch it looks like you should really check out Longport Dog Beach.

    10. Sundling Park in Manistee, Michigan

    Sundling Park has an area that is a dog friendly beach

    Sundling Park is perfect for the adventurous dog and dog owner. This is a scenic, quiet beach setting where dogs can roam without a leash. The Magoon Creek is also close to Sundling Park. Magoon Creek offers trails for hiking and biking.

    Preparing for a Dog Friendly Beach Trip

    Are you thinking about taking a beach trip with your furry best friend? If so, just keep in mind, it will be another bag to pack. You will need to pack extras for your pooch like vaccination records, food, and food and water bowls. As well as extra leashes and collars.

    There are quite a few things you will need to make sure you have a successful dog friendly beach trip. If you are looking for a more detailed look into preparing for a beach trip with your dog, take a look at my previous blog post. I posted the link below!

    Happy beachin’ and tail waggin’!

    Preparing for a Pet Friendly Trip

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