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5 Rules to Choosing the Right Pet- What will I do? Part 1 of 9

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Choosing the Right Pet

Confused or disoriented on what you’re going to do before adopting your very own pet? Here are a few tips.

            Number #1: What type of pet should I get?

There are many types that you can choose from. 


  • Dogs: are the most common pet amongst the animal kingdom. Lovable, trainable, keeps you safe and is your supportive companion.


  • Cats: If you are looking for an independent pet, cat’s are more independent than dogs. Cats are very playful and lazy. Loves to spend time lounging about and being cute.


  • Guinea pigs are affectionate pets. But unfortunately they only live for 5-8 years. If you maintain their living place properly there will be less odor.


  • Ferrets: Generally speaking, ferrets and very young children do not mix well, as ferrets they like to bite if not handled properly. Ferrets are very social animals so you must have them in pairs or they would be depressed.


  • Rabbits: Cute check, fluffy check, affectionate check and funny check. What’s stopping you from getting a rabbit? They can be fun and they need a little space and aren’t picky with food.


  • Mice, Hamsters and Gerbils: If you don’t want too much fuss or you just want someone to talk to at the end of the day not really over all taking care of a pet. These kinds of pets are perfect for you! Great listeners!


  • Turtles, Lizards, Snakes: These pets are as lovely as the others. But they are more on the extreme because they are quite exotic. But they are perfect for people who want pets even if you are allergic to any kind of fur.


  • Parrots and Cockatoo, Parakeets and Doves: Are you the kind of person who also wants a funny speaker and a musical kind of person? Then these pets are the best for you. You’ll be surprised at the sounds they imitate.


  • Fish: Are not exactly cute but they are beautiful and amazing. They are so interesting to watch. If you’re the kind of person who has a day in and day out kind of work and can’t take care of a full time pet. Fishes are the best. They listen to all your problems and always takes your side.

Number #2 Choose a Pet That is Great For Your Environment

You don’t want a Siberian husky when you live in Australia near the desert do you? You have to choose a pet that is perfect for your environment. Research or ask your friends what can be a great pet.

  Number #3 Don’t Decide Immediately

No buying impulses just because. There might be a time you see a cute dog, cat or pet that you simply can't walk away from. BUT what if you don’t have the proper instruments to take care of this pet? Dreading things you don’t want to go through.

            Number #4 Cost

 You’re done choosing the right pet for you based on your likes, based on your environment. Now! Let’s get to the most exciting part. Sarcasm aside. The expenses, I’m not just talking about the price of the future pet you’re going to have I’m also talking about the cost of their food, their living place, their monthly check ups, random sickness and treats or toys. All that and more. Don’t forget to budget, because we’re trying for you to never regret buying your pet.

            Number #5 Reflect on Why You Want a Pet

The best way to reflect on why you want a pet is to get a piece of paper and pen. Write down the things you like to do with your future pet. Start from your personality, your hobbies and short-comings. Then try to imagine all that with your pet. I’m sure you will know why you want a pet. Why we all want a pet. A companion we can try to love and hope for them to love us.


At the end of the day, after all the research, after all the suggestions and lists. All we need to do is listen to our hearts and look into the animal's eyes. Your pet will be your companion. Don't make a choice half heartedly. 

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