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9 Good Habits of Effective Pet Owners

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Effective Pet Owner

While we hold our pets, or we stare at someone’s dog or we stand in front of a pet shop; just before we buy our pet we may wonder…

Am I going to be a good guardian? Am I good enough to take care of another life?

Ask no more!

We'll help you regain your confidence with this list to develop good habits as an effective pet-owner!

The list below is only a teaser! If you want more tips on how to be an effective pet owner for more specific advice check it out in our future articles...stay tuned!


1. Choosing the Right Pet!


Do you know that saying, “Prevention is better than cure?” It works for choosing your pet too! This is one of the most important things in being an effective pet owner.

If you know your pet before you take care of him or her, the do’s and don’ts beforehand, their needs and wants before you take him or her and if he or she would be the most compatible breed in your home? You are preventing a massive disaster (and expense) than looking for a cure in the end. So, choose the right pet! You won’t regret it. 


2.Training Your Pet is Essential


There are 3 reasons:

Safety: Why? Of course an untrained pet can cause lots of safety hazards.  Training them will reduce these hazards and lift a few problems off your shoulders and feel safe in your house.

Prevention of Illness: What if your pet is untrained and they eat something they aren’t supposed to eat and cause kidney disease or something worse? A dog-trained right is a healthy dog.

Great Discipline: If you marvel over someone walking his dog not his dog walking him. Then you need to train your dog because he won’t train himself.

Every action has its rewards depending on which action it is. Train your pet whether it is for his potty training or his sleeping habits. Train him for a more harmonious living with you.


3. Health and Wellness-Body and Mind


If I could ask a bird what is more important, the right wing or the left wing? I wonder what it would say? Most of us would choose body’s health over keeping the mind healthy. But the truth is it’s like that question with the bird. It’s both important.

Keeping your pets in a safe environment, both the surroundings and the people, where they can develop a healthy body and a strong mind.

Choosing the right routine that is perfect for your pet is important. Remember, a jolly dog is better than a hungry one.


4. Nutrition


We can talk all day about what you don’t let your specific dog/cat/turtle eat or what you let them eat. It always depends on the animal’s species, breed or where it came from. Just like us, they need a well balanced diet. They don’t deserve just any kind of dog food or cat food or just anything from the store.

You don’t let your kids or cousin always eat junk food right?

Keep it a well-balanced meal every meal.

The key to the best nutrition routine is…Stick to it!

Make a routine, stick to the routine and always follow the routine!

5. Socializing is Important!


Think about it.

What would happen if you let yourself be stuck in a room by yourself with yourself all the time? What could happen? You’d go absolutely crazy.

Let your pet socialize. If you have a routine, stop by at the neighbor’s dog or cat, and add that to your routine.

Better yet have dog or cat meet ups where your dog or cat can have a little party while you and your friends have fun on the side.

Treat your pet more than what you see them, once you let them in your lives they are no longer animals, they are animals that are part of your family. So treat them that way.

6. Proactive about Safety


Have you ever been to a first time parent, baby shower? If you have, good for you, if not let me explain.

They baby proof EVERYTHING. They think that can hurt their precious baby. Even put foam on every corner of their house, they would baby proof everything. That you’d think you’ve entered a foam section in the appliance store. But hey, the gesture is sweet and caring!

The point is your pet deserves the right to be safe especially because you’re responsible for them. Always be thinking above all, their safety because it’s going to be your safety too in the end.


7. Make it FUN!


Tired of your routine? Don’t we all get tired of things we do again and again unless we love what we do right? Don’t make it a routine make it a rhythm a happy, fun and loving rhythm. Where you can dance to the upbeat of the heart warming feeling you get when you play with your pet, run with them, see the joy in their eyes when you show your affection to them.

Always make it fun. Not an obligation.


8. Regular Check Ups.


Let me tell you this, if you don’t go to that regular check up or lazy to go to the doctor? You’ll regret it especially the consequence of expenses.

It’s natural for animals to seek for medicine when they feel sick or under the weather it’s your responsibility to help them.

It can prevent you from your dog getting infections, your cat choking on too much hair or any other thing your pet caught while you’ve decided not to go to the doctor. They give you attention all the time! It’s time to give back the love.


8. Great Relationship With Owner- Showing Affection-Snuggling and Love


What makes a relationship work?

Many things: patience, trust and more. But I know, we know that a relationship always work if there is unconditional love.

Yes, I know this is your pet I am talking about, not your husband or wife.

If you give the best you have to your pet, your relationship will truly work.

If you have more yes than no! Then surely you are an effective pet-owner!

Yet even if you only have a few yes and more no doesn’t mean you’re a bad pet-owner we can always learn something new along the way for the well being of your pet! You don’t want to be the stingy pet-owner.

Be the best of what you are and love what you do.


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