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A Hop A Jump to Never-Ending P-AWesome Fun! Part 8 of 9

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Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

 Let's have fun with our PAWrtners shall we!

It can be in the middle of the week, and you have a free day, the week is about to end, and you have a long weekend to look forward to or just a few hours of free time and your pet is begging you to do something different and fun!

What do you do? Do you just do your same old routine? Or do you want to mix it up a little and have some fun!

This few tips can make your pet time a lot more fun and a little less tiring (plus you can get some exercise)

A Hop (Hop in the Car and Have a Blast!)


Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

Things to do: 


2. Choose a pet safe trail or area

3. Play Hide and Seek

4. Take Pictures

5. Bring a friend 


Things to bring for your dog/cat:

1. Leash

2. Food and Water

3. First Aid Kit

4. Poop Bags

5. Boots

After you're packed, you're ready to go! Yes, having fun and making memories is your primary goal BUT always remember safety first.

Before you go and plan a trip to go backpacking make sure your pet is physically ready and after you had your fun make sure to check your pet for ticks, burrs and other objects just to make sure they're safe. If you find ticks, go to your vet.

Day trips

Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

May it be down the next block or to the shopping mall. Your pet is a great companion for making any day brighter or any afternoon more memorable so why not bring them with you?


Always bring his leash, toy and poop bag.


Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

Things to do with your: 


2. Make friends

3. Chase birds

4. Throw some frisbee!

5. Take pictures

6. Treasure hunting!


Things to bring for your dog/cat:

1. Leash

2. Blanket

3. Food and Water

4. Basket 

5. Toys

6. Treats!


Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

Waking up one day and you want a surprise adventure for your pet. Hiking is the best way to give them just that! The fresh air, the open space and the new things they might discover there will surely make your pet happier, and PLUS both of you can make memories!


1. Bring a leash!

2. Safety first before curiosity!

3. Have lots of FUN!!!

4. Always hydrate and give treats now and then it keeps them sane. We don't want them hungry.

Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

5. Post-trip check ups! It's always best to check on your pet's health after a trip to ensure that they don't bring anything home to harm you or themselves.

Farm trip

Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

What's the best place for your dog or cat to learn how to get along with others? The farm! They can play with lots of friendly farm animals. Why not bond with your little furry loved on while developing their socializing skills right?

Be warned, though,

You might want to stay and live at the farm after seeing how amazingly happy your dog became.

River hopping

Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

If you live near endless areas of rivers and lakes why not bring your pet there? So they can experience a little of nature. You'll find them being curious and intrigued of the things new to them.

Dogs and cats are natural at adapting so they can practically have fun anywhere! Just plan the next trip and see for yourself!


 Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

Camping! One of my favorite ways to bond both with people and with my pets. You get to cuddle with then inside the tent. You get to see them become protective of you because you're in a new place and they don't know the dangers yet. But once they know it's safe. Dogs or cats can be loads of fun when you're with them watching the stars or dancing by the campfire eating and just having a great time!

Just don't forget to bring their right food and water. You don't want to skip on your pet's routine meals. Bring veggies to be sure!

Boat rides

Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

One main thing in a boat trip is SAFETY. You might end up one moment laughing and the next in the water with your pet.

Always bring or ask for a life vest for your pet. Better yet just bring your own to be sure.

Other than that! Boats are great adventures for pets. They always get so amused with the vastness of the ocean or lake. They'll just sit there, feel the air in their face (we all know they like that) and smell the see. No one gets amused like a dog or cat sitting quietly and behaved like this one.

In case they aren't so amazed with the water always remember to bring a leash.

Beach trips

Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

Lots of people don't like running but when they are on the beach they just naturally run down the sandy beach to the water. It's exciting that way. 

Similarly, dogs or cat even love to do this. Maybe it's the feeling of the sand in their paws or the salty breeze of the ocean. But every time they're at the beach. Running is their favorite activity. 
So run with them! Take pictures! Have fun!

Paddle boarding

Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

Do you want some alone peaceful time with your dog or cat? Go on a paddle boarding trip!

I like going out to the ocean the farther from the shore, the more peaceful it gets. Just you, the clouds, the ocean and your pet, listening to the music of the ocean and bonding. You'll be surprised at your pet's reaction. I was expecting crazy and whining kind. But try it! You will be surprised.A Jump (Jump up a notch on your training with fun!)

They say the healthier the pet is the longer they live. Why not have fun and live longer right!?

A Jump (Jump up a notch on your training with fun!)

Fly ball

Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

Most dogs love to chase and play around. I can give my dog a ball when I leave the house and when I return? He is still there, the same position playing with the same ball.

So why not bond over the fly ball training! It's fun, it gives your dog the right exercise, and you get to exercise too!

Three steps to this game.

1. Throw.

2. Fetch.

3. Repeat.

Sounds simple but it can get tiring.


Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

This could be one of the fascinating things a dog could do. Their nose is legendary. A healthy dog can smell 10,000 times better than us.

So let's have some fun with it as well as exercise their abilities with "nose works."

Things you need:

Egg openable shaped balls

Any food for your pet

Things to do:

Place food inside the egg shaped balls. Close it properly. Put food on a few not all.

Then tell your dog to look for it.

The things they do is surprising! They find it better than I can! They even found other things you didn't know was there. If you see what I mean.


Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

Apparently, cats have no obedience whatsoever. I don't entirely believe that. They clean themselves pretty well and clean up after themselves. Obedience comes after discipline right? So cat's are just more stubborn and wilder than dogs. They need more patience and determination. 
Try teaching them a trick with treats. But this time instead of food treat use toy treats. Cats love their toys more than food unlike dogs. Unless your cat is Garfield of course.

Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

Dogs on the other hand. Are a mix of both obedient and borderline crazy loo. It depends on the breed, what environment they grew up in and their owners.

If you're a disciplined kind of partner then having fun learning new obedience tricks is a piece of cake.

But if you're the fun and easy going kind of owner who barely tells your dog what to do and not to do. It can still be fun. But when you get frustrated just rest up instead of getting on each other's nerves.

Obedience tricks:

1. Walking beside without a leash.

2. Walking with a leash.

3. Bark commands.

4. Hand signals.

5. Attack signals.

It's pretty fun when you get to teach it to your pets!



Other than their great noses, dogs are amazing at tracking. They can see 3,000 miles away and smell 10,000 better than us and still clear for them. Tracking though is more than seeing and smelling yes; it is an essential part. But the dog's instincts are what makes them great at tracking.

Let's take advantage of this ability and play a fun and enjoyable game called "Find Me."

It can be in the house, in the backyard or on the field.

You tell your dog to stay at one place. You let them smell your scarf or jacket.

Cover their eyes with a cloth or bandana. Then hide!

Once you've hidden call to them.

It'll be fun!

Trick training

Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

Cool Tricks to be learned with fun and laughs:

1. High Five

2. Salute.

3. Army Crawl


5.Walk Backwards

Be creative on how you teach them these tricks but it's never shameful to use the oldest trick in the book. The do the trick then get food training.

No one knows your dog more than you do.

Swimming lessons!


Tips to Pet's Fun and Games


Tips to Pet's Fun and Games

Yes, were on a journey where we want our pets to be able to do anything we want them to do. But they may have limits or our bank accounts have limits.

But there is no better fun than splashing with your pet with water especially when it's summer and the heat is at its peak.

Swimming with them is more fun! If you get them to touch the water. It's loads of laughter.


Last But Not the Least

Cuddling and sleeping together with your furry friend is always FUN!

It's always fun with the ones you love!

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