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Fearless Kitty and PetFusion Partnership

Posted by Ted Elliott on

As you may recall from our previous blog post, PetFusion partnered up with Jackson Galaxy Foundation to help improve the lives of shelter animals by donating money as well as cat scratchers. Here's an update from our friends at Fearless Kitty Rescue, who were one of the many shelters who received our scratcher:

"We received your Pet Fusion cat scratcher through the Jackson Galaxy Foundation, thank you!  Fearless Kitty Rescue is a no-kill cat rescue in Fountain Hills, Arizona and we are working hard to save the lives of cats and kittens here in the valley and throughout the state.  Our kitties stay with us until they are adopted, however long that takes, so having this show up at our door is really cool and important for them/us.  We appreciate your donation tremendously.

We placed it in a room full of kittens and they couldn’t jump on it fast enough. Our volunteer, Kristen, introduced the scratcher to the kittens during her session on MaddieCam, which streams live 24/7 to people who love to watch our kittens have a ball.  I’ve attached a short video she took so you could see they had staked their claim to it. (sorry for the end… those kittens sometimes embarrass us a little during a live broadcast. :) )   

Could you pass along the business address for Pet Fusion when you have a moment?  Again, having these type of options for our kitties (and it looks great anywhere) is so important to keep their lives enriched while they are in our rescue. Thank you so much!"

Watch as these kittens play on our cat scratcher:

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