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Health and Wellness- Body and Mind Part 3 of 9

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Pet Health and Wellness Tips


            There are many definitions of healthy.  According to the dictionary it means, “free from pain or disease.” The definition of wellness, according to the dictionary, “the state of being in good health.”


Do you want your pets to be free from pain or disease and be in a state of good health?


The CDC says keeping your pets healthy keeps people healthy too.  Why do you think this is? Find out!


Pet Healthy and Wellness Tips


Health and Wellness

Why do we keep our pets healthy? Is it for us or is it for them? I think it’s both.
If we follow these few easy steps, we can keep our pets healthy so they can live in a stress free, safe and healthy environment.

Don’t Skip!

           As vital as your medications when you’re taking antibiotics, same goes for your pets annual or a weekly check-up with your veterinarian. Never to skip it! Especially now, when most of our vets are expensive and have fees so outrageous, you just want to skip it and are then forced to use home remedies. No!
Vets know best. The key to a healthy pet is a regular check up with its vet.


Exercise For You Too!

           Eventually, you’ll say, you ran yesterday, it’s fine to run tomorrow, and then you’ll end up saying it every day leading to your pet being stagnant and deprived of exercise.
If pets get bored, they find something to entertain themselves, which means looking for trouble, when they look for trouble that means mess. Crazy mess. That’s because psychologically they’re looking for something to do and you, the responsible human, don’t give the necessary activities for them.  Exercise daily, even if it’s just fetch outside the backyard or up and down the stairs. It’s better to keep them occupied and tired than restless and adventurous for trouble. And hey it’s a way to lose a few pounds or become more fit! Win, win for both of you!
Animal planet has a few tips on fun exercises for your dogs.


Hygiene Tips 



C-Consider regular dental check-ups


H-Have a fun time brushing their teeth


E-Enjoy keeping them hygienic


E-scape-not on regular trimming of their nails


S-Say no to skipping check-ups!


E-xpensive? Try prevention. Less expense.


S-Stay clean even just a simple wash of water after a dirty day outside


T-This helps avoid diseases


I-Invest on vaccines to keep them from deadly diseases


C-Create a clean and fun environment, so they don’t catch any diseases


K-Kill germs with proper shampoos and soaps


S-Silent killers are the worst. Don’t wait for a disease! Take action now!



After keeping your pets physically healthy, what can you do to help them keep a healthy mind?
Is it discipline? Is it strict rules? Is it happy go lucky kind of thing?
Or is it something else entirely?
I believe that an active mind, even for pets, comes from dependence and love. Why? A tree is high not because of its branches or trunk, it is strong because of its roots and the others only follow. Same goes for us if we, as the source, are dependable and are loving we can give them the instruments to a healthy mind.
What makes us all happy?
Love. Take care of your pets as you would treat yourself. Don’t push too hard, don’t expect too much from them, give them the best environment, provide them with the best care, the best routine, the best social group, the best food and the best of you.
I’m sure. The strength of your pet's mind will show.
How will you know?
If they show their obedience to you. If your pets know when to be playful and when not to be playful.  When they learn appropriate times for aggressiveness and times to be sweet.  When to show their sweetness and when to know they have to bite.
Then you would know you’ve given them the best health and wellness body and mind that you could have provided.
I hope this helps! Stay tuned!


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