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New Product Launch - Innovative Magnetic SinglePod Acrylic Feeders

Posted by Ted Elliott on

Tired of traditional feeders that only have two bowls, or needing to buy 1,2,3, or more non-elevated bowls that are messy and don't meet your needs? The Magnetic SinglePod Feeder solve these problems allowing you to connect multiple feeders together in even or odd numbers. The flexible design lets you adapt over time, connect or disconnect. Your pet will have the separate eating space it needs (special nutritional needs) and deserves (peace & comfort). An elevated design aids in healthier digestion and improved comfort leaving your pet happier and more content after their meal! Made from premium lucite acrylic (including brushed stainless steel bowls) to fit your style. Includes anti-slip feet to keep in place and rubber insets to help stabilize bowl by minimizing spinning and clanging. 

Want to modernize your home and give your pet a happier & healthier mealtime?  Shop now

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