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New product launch - SerenityLounge Dog Bed in Solid Memory Foam

Posted by Ted Elliott on

A new addition to the dog bed team comes the Serenity Lounge.  All the same solid memory foam goodness of the ultimate dog bed, but a lower cost and more flexible options without a bolster encircling the perimeter of the bed.  An excellent match for larger dog crates, as a secondary bed if you already own an ultimate, or for dogs who prefer to rest their chin flat rather than elevated on a pillow.

Made with solid 4 inch memory foam base for superior overall comfort, reduced joint pain and improved health, mobility, & energy and covered with a soft but durable suede microfiber, strong, solid metal zipper pull for easy assembly and cleaning. The cover is water and tear resistant and blends in seamlessly with you décor. Ideal for medium/large size dogs.

Tell us what kind of bed you'd like to see come next!

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