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Orthopedic Dog Beds: Finding Your Dog’s Best Fit

Posted by Alicia Compton on

I’m sure you can tell by now I have a thing for old dogs. I just feel the urge to save them all. Are you “old dog crazy” like me? Then you, and your pooch, will appreciate a nice orthopedic dog bed. I know, I know. I’ve talked about my absolute love for these beds a LOT lately. But, like I said, I’m not just the crazy dog lady. I’m the crazy “old dog” lady.

So, for the most part, we all know dog beds come in different shapes and sizes. Just like our own beds. But, I’m about to share something with you I bet you didn’t know.

Does your dog sleep in a specific position? If so, there’s a dog bed for that position!

It’s not crazy talk, I promise. But, I want to cover something before we get into the shape of the bed your dog needs. Did you know that the way your dog sleep actually is a reflection of their personality? It is crazy how much your dog’s sleep position says about them.

I thought it’d be fun to cover what each position dog’s sleep in means.

Decoding Dog Sleep Positions

All three of my pooches sleep on their sides. According to BarkPost this sleeping position is common. I can vouch that dog’s who sleep like this are known to be really comfortable in their environment. My dogs think they run the place.

While side sleeping is a popular position, it isn’t the only one. Some dogs sleep on their stomachs. Others sleep on their backs, with their tongue hanging out the side. One thing remains the same, though. Each position has a story behind it.

The “Go Getter” Pooch

This tummy sleeper is known to be ready to go at the drop of a hat

Does your dog sleep in this position on a regular basis? If so, I bet your pooch is ready to go whenever you’re ready to go.

Dogs who sleep in this position can easily hop up and go. They’re known to have tons of energy. That’s why this is a popular sleeping position for puppies and younger dogs.

Plus, the “go getter” pooch aims to please.

The Happy Side Sleeper

Side sleeping is the most popular sleeping position for dogs

This popular sleeping position has won the hearts of all three of my dogs. The personality that matches this position also matches my dogs perfectly.

A dog who sleeps on their side is known to be comfortable. In fact, they’re comfortable in almost any scenario you put them in. As well as super super easy to get along with.

The Sweet, Warm Ball of Fur

Dogs who sleep like this are known to be very sweet

There are different opinions on the personality of dogs who sleep like this. In a lot of situations, pooches who sleep like this are trying to keep warm. They’re wrapped up so tight in this position. Allowing them to preserve that cuddly, warm body heat.

Another theory is that dogs who enjoy sleeping like this are laid back and sweet. Get ready for endless kisses, nose licks, and cuddles.

But, with this one, there is a possible downside. If a dog is sleeping like this they may not be totally comfortable where they are. So it’s possible if you have a rescue, he or she may sleep like this for a while. At least until they are comfortable as your new family member.

The Dog Who Reaches For the Stars

This dog sleeping position says your dog doesn't have a care in the world

The phrase “stoner pup” probably isn’t a phrase that most people who approve of. But, this position comes close to that kind of personality.

That’s because this position usually correlates with a laid back personality. Their back legs are relaxed. But, those front legs are in all kind of positions.

I personally think this is one of the cutest sleep positions. Especially if gravity takes hold and your pup’s tongue decides to hang out the side.

I’m sure these dogs know they’re cute, too. Mostly because it’s said that this sleep position means your dog in sure of him or herself -- confident in every way!

The Super Comfy Pup

Dogs who sleep like this are known to be super comfortable and confident

Now this position is a position that speaks volumes. Dogs who sleep like this are definitely considered to be in “la-la land”. There’s a good reason behind why they are so relaxed, too!

Does your pooch pass out like this? Then consider yourself awesome! This means she or he is at complete ease. They trust you, they trust their surroundings. Laying like this lets you know that they aren’t fearful.

In fact, these dogs may even be a little overly confident. Pretty much, they need you to move over. Because, well, they run the place.

Super Tummy Sleeping Puppy

Dogs who sleep in this position are known to be shy but loyal

This doggy sleeping position is another super cute one. The position is similar to the “go getter” position dog’s like to sleep in. Mostly because they’re sleeping on their stomach. But, their legs aren’t stretched out in front of and behind them. Instead their little paws are tucked comfortably near their body.

Just like the “go getter” pup, you’ll often see puppies and younger dogs sleep like this.

Do you know the feeling you get when you plop down after a really stressful day? Then all of a sudden it’s the next morning. This is that “I really needed a nap” position.

These pups aren’t as confident as their fellow tummy sleepers. Dogs who sleep like this are known to be ready to go. But, at the same time may be on the shy side. That doesn’t keep them from being great listeners, though! This position is your dog telling you they’ll always have your back.

Finding Your Dog’s Perfect Orthopedic Dog Bed

How many dog owners out there notice their dogs pass out in the side sleeping position? Well, now you know that you’re not alone. As this is the most popular way for a pooch to hit the hay. It also means that you have a pretty awesome pup. An awesome pup that absolutely adores you.

Hopefully by now you’ve decoded your sweet dogs sleeping position. Since you have that down pat, now it’s time to find a bed for your dog. One that is the right size and shape. You want to find one that’s going to accommodate how your dog sleeps. Regardless if he or she sleeps on their side, stomach, or back.

This sleeping position means that this pooch is a go getter

You may notice that I’m not really giving “choices” on the type of bed I recommend. I switched from “plain Jane” beds a few years ago. Now the only type of dog bed allowed in our home is one that is equipped with memory foam. Hospitals have trusted memory foam for patients for decades. Why wouldn’t I think it’s my BEST choice for my dogs?

I’m a firm believer that dog beds that contain memory foam are great for any dog. It doesn’t matter if your dog is 16 weeks old or 16 years old. Making an investment in an orthopedic bed is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Hands down!

Did you check out my post on Wednesday about the benefits of orthopedic beds? If not, definitely take a minute to click the link below. If you have an older pup that suffers from arthritis, I’m sure you’ll find it especially informative.

Orthopedic Dog Beds: The Benefits They Offer Dogs With Arthritis

Benefits Of Dog Beds With Memory Foam

Arthritis is common in older dogs. But, in all actuality, it can be found in dogs of any age. This is especially true if you own a large breed dog. Breeds such as Newfoundlands, Great Danes, and Saint Bernards are known to suffer from arthritis early on.

Unfortunately, arthritis is painful. It really puts a burden on your poor pups joints. Eventually your veterinarian may even recommend putting your dog on a daily medication. Normally this medication is to ease the pain of the arthritis.

An orthopedic dog bed is a great choice for older dogs

Just like many medications, these medications may have side effects. Side effects that may be just as bad, or worse, than the arthritis itself. Some of them may also not mesh well with certain doggy body organs. This is why most veterinarians require dogs to get blood-work done about every 6 months.

We all know medicine usually wears off before you’re due for your next dose. Think about it. Where is your favorite place to be when you don’t feel well? For me personally, my bed is the only place I want to be.

My Personal Story: When Our Family Discovered Memory Foam

We’re fortunate enough to have quite a comfy, big bed. For a while though our mattress was super old. Actually, embarrassingly old. It was stiff and grungy. Eventually we had to make a move. That dirty old mattress was being evicted.

It was about 6 months before we took the plunge of buying anything memory foam. That’s because I did a load of research on different beds.

Every morning it seemed like I didn’t get any sleep the night before. Normally I would wake up groggy with either a headache or a backache. There was no doubt in my mind that this had something to do with the mattress. That old thing was not comfortable.

As you can imagine, I was tired of feeling like this. Every single morning I woke up feeling like a mess. In order to do something about it I knew I needed to do some research. The mattress we planned on buying had to be PERFECT!

During my 6 long months of super bed research, I read a lot about memory foam. Memory foam had me hooked from the first review I read on it. The price unfortunately wasn’t where we were at though. So, those 6 months weren’t completely wasted. We used that time to save up the money for the perfect mattress.

Our first memory foam product wasn’t a mattress though. I was in a hurry for a better night sleep. When I heard you could buy JUST a mattress topper made of memory foam, I jumped right on it! It was a cheaper alternative. One that I was sure would make a huge difference.

The first morning after sleeping on the topper I noticed a difference. When I woke up, I felt refreshed. That night, I believe, I didn’t even get a solid 7 hours of sleep. Regardless of that, when I woke up I felt like a million bucks. Nothing hurt. I felt amazing!

We owned the foam topper for about 5 months. That’s when we finally bought a memory foam mattress. This year will mark 3 years since we bought our first memory foam mattress. To be truthful, I never plan on looking back. This is the best sleep I have ever got!

Introducing Our Dogs To Memory Foam Beds

For a while I didn’t even know that dog beds had such a comfy option. Like I said above, we just always bought cheap, plain beds for our dogs. Now I understand why they always wanted to crawl in the bed with us. The other beds we had were either destroyed or flat within a short period of time. I can only assume that eventually their beds no longer felt like “beds”. More than likely it felt like they were snoozing on the hard, bare floor.

Some nights I miss their snuggles. My theory was that they jumped in the bed because they wanted to be close to me. A few memory foam beds rejected that theory. Since we switched their beds, they could care less about what’s going on in our bed. If they’re not outside, their bed is the only place they want to be.

When we bought our first foam dog bed, it was four our senior Chihuahua. Her name was Lucy and she was the best dog. Well, to me she was. Other people beg to differ. You have to give her a break though. She was a Chihuahua. We all know they have their own personalities.

Our old girl lived until she was 18. She spent three years living the high life in her orthopedic dog bed. I swear it was a struggle to get her out of that bed. It was her very own personal comfort zone. She was comfy and she felt secure.

That bed also helped our Boston Terrier, Pluto. He was only 6 months old when he escaped our yard. Only for our next door neighbors to hit him with their car. Pluto suffered from lesions and broken bones. This required a lot of surgeries, veterinarian visits, medications, and money.

With a broken leg, it was hard for him to get up and down. Having that extra padding of the memory foam made getting up easier for him. It also allowed him to not put any pressure on his already injured body.

That right there proves that it doesn’t matter how old your dog is. Any dog of any age can benefit from a bed made from memory foam.

What Makes An Orthopedic Dog Bed So Great?

If you took the time to read my personal story above, you are aware of the comfort it gave my own dogs. But, what is it about this specific material that offers so much comfort? According to DogBedGuides memory foam has many benefits.

Find an orthopedic dog bed that best fits your dog!

What is it about this foam that makes it so great though?! Well, there’s a few properties that allow it to be one of the most awesome inventions ever!

  • The complicated phrase for memory foam is polyurethane visco-elastic. This is the miracle material that allows memory foam to hug and mold to your dog’s body.
  • Memory foam has the ability to maintain the shape of your dog’s body.
  • This material is able to shape to your dog’s body thanks to its ability to retain heat.

I guess we should give a huge round of applause to polyurethane visco-elastic. Easing achy bodies since the 1960’s!

Now let’s look at what exactly this miracle material can do for your dog’s health.

  • Memory foam dog beds are known for their padding and support. This ensures that your pup’s joints are getting a rest. No longer will your pooch have to suffer from sensitive body parts lying on a hard floor.
  • A high quality orthopedic bed is also beneficial to your dog’s circulation system.
  • Memory foam does retain heat. But, it’s great for all seasons. The material actually offers quite a bit of airflow. Ensuring your pet is cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

Finding The “Perfect Fit” Orthopedic Dog Bed

An orthopedic dog bed has so many great benefits. There really is no reason not to invest in one. I understand if you may not be able to afford one right this minute. But, I wouldn’t recommend buying anything else when it does come time to replace your dog’s bed.

If you’re totally sold on the foam idea -- then welcome to your new obsession! One of the great thing about these beds is that they come in different sizes. They also come in different shapes, too. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in a good memory foam dog bed.

Orthopedic Dog Bed Sizes

Of course you’ll want to decide what size bed you need based on how big your dog is. I mean, a Great Dane in a bed made for a Chihuahua is super cute. But, I’m sure the Great Dane would be more comfortable is something a tad bit bigger. While, on the other hand, the Chihuahua may totally own a bed made for a Great Dane.

I loved spoiling my old lady Chihuahua. But, we didn’t quite have the space to give her a huge bed just because. If you’re in a space saving predicament too -- feel free to stick to the exact size! Hey, you’re taking the plunge and upgrading. That’s all that matters.

You’ve heard me talk a lot about the PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed and Lounge. That’s because I’m absolutely in love with all that it has to offer. That includes the three different sizes that it comes in.

Find an orthopedic dog bed that best fits your dog!

The PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed and Lounge comes in small, large, and extra large. The small size is 25 x 20 x 5.5”. This size would be perfect for a breed as large as a Jack Russell Terrier. The large bed and lounge measures in at 36 x 28 x 9”. A dog as large as an Irish Setter could possibly feel comfortable in this size. You can only imagine what the extra large version may be able to support.

The “X-Large” version of the PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed and Lounge measures in at a whopping 44 x 34 x 10”. You could fit a lot of sweet Chihuahuas in this bed! It’s also no surprise that a beautiful Akita would be able to sleep peacefully in a bed this size.

You want to get the correct size bed, right? Then it’s important that you get the correct measurements of your dog before shopping. The best way to do this is when your pet is lying down in their regular sleeping position. Then you measure their shoulder height in inches.

I put a guide together below that will be helpful for you. It will help you match your dog’s measurements to the perfect sized PetFusion memory foam dog bed.

Your Dog’s Shoulder Height in Inches

Recommended PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed

Recommended Bed Size Based on Your Dog’s Measurements

6 - 15”

(Yorkshire Terriers, Jack Russell Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers, etc.)

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge

Small (25 x 20 x 5.5”)

16 - 24”

(English Springer Spaniel, Fox Terrier, German Shorthaired Pointer, etc.)

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge

Large (36 x 28 x 9”)

24 - 30”

(English Setter, German Shepherd Dog, Standard Poodle, etc.)

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge

PetFusion SerenityLounge Dog Bed

Large (36 x 28 x 9”)

One Size (36 x 28 x 4”)


(Greyhound, Mastiff, Akita, Bernese Mountain Dog, etc.)

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge

X-Large (44 x 34 x 10”)

REMEMBER: It’s important that you measure your dog while they are asleep. Preferably asleep in the sleeping position they seem to favor the most.

Orthopedic Dog Bed Shapes

Now you’ve found the perfect size for your dog’s new bed. What about shape? PetFusion carries two memory foam dog beds. These beds aren’t shaped alike at all! They may be shaped different. They still offer the same high quality comfort though.

Alright, take a minute to think back to when I was discussing doggy sleep positions. Whatever your dog’s favorite sleep position is keep that in the back of your mind. That’s going to determine the best dog bed shape for your pooch.

For example, maybe your dog enjoys the “doggy choice” when it comes to sleep positions. He or she may be a side sleeper. In that case, I’d definitely recommend the PetFusion SerenityLounge Dog Bed. This bed is going to give your dog plenty of space to stretch out to the side.

You can totally match the best PetFusion dog bed to your dog’s sleep style. Just find what position your dog enjoys the most below. Then match it to your dog’s ideal PetFusion bed!

Your Pooch's Favorite Sleeping Position

The Perfect PetFusion Dog Bed Match

The “Go Getter” Pooch (Tummy sleeping with front and back legs straight out)

PetFusion SerenityLounge Dog Bed

The Happy Side Sleeper (Pooches who sleep on their side with their legs out to the side as well)

PetFusion SerenityLounge Dog Bed

The Sweet, Warm Ball of Fur (Curled up in a tight ball with paws tucked under. Completed with a tail wrap around)

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge

The Dog Who Reaches For The Stars (Back sleeping with front legs going in different directions. Occasionally accompanied by a tongue hanging out.)

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge

PetFusion SerenityLounge Dog Bed

The Super Comfy Pup (Back sleeping. Legs straight up, especially the back legs. With front legs more relaxed)

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge

Super Tummy Sleeping Puppy (Tummy sleeping with paws curled and tucked under)

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed and Lounge

As you can see, having an orthopedic dog bed in your home should be a top priority. Don’t wait until you think your dog is getting in his or her “golden years”. Go ahead and provide them that comfort. You never know, it may help prevent problems that often happen to senior dogs.

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