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The PetFusion Ultimate Lounge Orthopedic Dog Bed is our luxury memory foam dog bed and was recently rated the #1 dog bed for large dogs by The solid memory foam base provides dogs superior overall comfort, while reducing their joint pain for improved mobility and energy.

“This dog bed is a bestseller for good reason: it’s durable, supportive, and the ideal place to enjoy a serious snooze. The PetFusion large orthopedic bed has everything aging dogs need from a bed, from a cushioned memory foam base to a bolster that’s perfect for napping on. We tried this bed with our office dogs at Rover, and all of them used the bolster as a headrest as if they knew it was a pillow just for them. Pretty adorable. Plus, the cover can be machine washed. It’s very easy to remove if any accidents happen and according to many reviewers and our own experience, is quite sturdy.” — Rover Staff

Verified Review: Tried and tested by Rover office dogs, “we were impressed with the quality of the PetFusion bed, which lives up to the ‘ultimate’ in its name. If your dog likes to burrow, like mine, I throw a fuzzy blanket or two on top, and he’s happy as can be. The bed was a 10/10 with our dogs.” — Rover Staff

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