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Prime Training for Your Future Alpha Dogs Part 2 of 9

Posted by V M on

Training Alpha Dog


We've mentioned the three reasons why training your pets is essential. Now we're going to tell you a little tip on how to implement it.

There are 2 ways:


If you're the kind of pet owner who wants to be hands-on with your pet, then this would be the common training method for your pet. Why? It is because you're with them through their journey of training and you get to teach them not only the basic manners of pets but also cool tricks!

Now we have the HOW.

There is one way that will work that is the Make n' Score training. It is pretty simple. You choose a "marker" that will signal your pet that every time you have it, you will be telling him to do something. Choose something that you can practically bring it anywhere. It can be a certain scarf, a bell, a clicker or a whistle. After choosing the "marker," you now create a short and straightforward command. You have to demonstrate what they have to do. When you finally "Make" them do something. Let them score! By giving them a tasty treat! Always does the trick!. I'll bet your pet will do anything you want. Bare and mind this training needs 62% determination and patience and the 38% is fun.


Training School

Now, if you're the kind of person that want a dog who is trained at the age of three months old? Then this type of training is for you. You can still be with them as they learn in their journey but you're not their first master, the trainer would be.
A tip on a training school. Always, always choose a "Friendly" training school because there are schools that have intense and serious training that may totally change the character of your pet. Always remember there might be someone else that can train your pet, but you're still responsible for him or her.


Having a companion is a privilege for both you and your pet. Respect one another and don't forget, love your pet. They depend on you.

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