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Socializing is Important: Don't Leave it Out Part 5 of 9

Posted by V M on

Pet's Social Life
I have two words as to why it is important. Better personality.

Ever wonder how there can be dogs and cats in the mall, at the park and the beach, and they aren’t attacking every sound they hear or every person they see?
And they are calm and accepting about it rather than aggressive or totally shy?

Training can be the answer. But some pets can be calm and welcoming without training all their life.

The real answer is socializing.

Your pet at a very young age is like a piggy bank: if you start putting money in it as early as possible then you end up earning a compound savings! Similarly, this is how you take care of your pet’s socializing.
If you surround them with different environments, different settings, different sounds, different people and different animals at a very young age, they’ll bring that openness to others when they grow up. When your pet’s socializing is good like that then their personality will also benefit.

Socializing’s benefits:

Gives them the chance to become tame with other animals and humans.
They are genuinely playful pets.
They are very friendly and jolly.
Their first instinct is to play not to bite.
Do we like dogs or cats that are cute from afar and then aggressive when we pet them? Nope.
They are no fun.
So if you don’t want this kind of behavior for your pet?
Start planning play dates and walks to the park.

Socializing is more important than you think.

They learn how to interact with others.
To be curious about something and not attack it but be cautious about it.
They learn how to manage their tantrums and misbehavior if others are around.
They learn when to be playful or when not to be playful.

You can teach all the things you can to your pet, but socializing gives them the chance to apply those lessons in the real world.

Socializing helps them know what to do in the real world.

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