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Spoiled or Practical?-Selecting the Best Dog House

Posted by V M on

Selecting Dog Houses
We all want the best for our dogs whether it's their comfortable beds inside our home or in the garden. Some dogs prefer to sleep outside, so as providers to these magnificent animals, we want to give them the best and most efficient home.
To answer the question, spoiled or practical? It's neither: we need to give them both.
So our first question is, what do we want in a doghouse? Do we want it simple or insulated? Insulation helps your pet cope with extreme temperatures.
Remember we're building your dog their home so they should be able to sit, stand and turn around easily inside. What's the point of accessories and luxuries if your dog can't fit in it right.  Measure your dog carefully from nose to tail and head to and research dog house dimensions carefully.


Wood is the most common type of material used for dog houses. Why?  Because it has some of the best and most recommended features. Consider the alternative of metal or plastic: they absorb heat and cold that can cause sickness, and your dog would be uncomfortable. Be sure that the wood you use doesn't have toxins like paint or stains.
Our dogs are like our children and if it isn't safe for our kids it's probably not safe for our dog. Also, before you get too excited like I did when we finally got our doghouse, check for any sharp objects or anything that would take you on a trip to the VET.


Some luxuries are not too extravagant, more on the practical side like elevated floors. Elevated floors can help you with sanitation, parasites and avoid any flooding in your dog house. Also consider using a heavy-duty water-resistant canvas, removable roof, and windows that can add to the comfort and ventilation for your dog. Then you can decide on decorating the rest.

When it comes to selecting the best dog house only two rules: Safety first, and it's always okay to spend a little for the things that matter!



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