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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Pets

Posted by Kevin K on

Most of us consider our pets to be members of the family. When it comes to gift-giving, nobody wants to overlook Fido or Fluffy! We've compiled some of the best products out there for dogs and cats. We've separated these items into categories to make it easier for you to find the perfect gift for your favorite four-legged pals (and their humans).

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Pet Beds and Accessories

Encourage your cat or dog to snuggle up in one of these pet beds or blankets!


PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

This bed is both firm and comforting thanks to its memory-foam construction and firm bolsters. If you know an arthritic dog or simply a dog who loves to be comfortable, the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed would make an amazing gift.


PetFusion Cuddler/Calming Bed

This pet bed is perfect for either dogs or cats who like to snuggle, knead, or burrow. The loose blanket on top makes a soft nest; dogs love to hide their treats or toys in the corners, and both cats and dogs can rest their heads on the stuffed bolsters. 


PetFusion Lavender Infused Dog Bed/Pad

If your favorite pup gets nervous in his crate, this lavender-infused crate pad uses the power of aromatherapy to calm him down. It can also be used as a bed outside of the crate. Stuffed bolsters and cooling technology keeps your dog comfy and cozy any time of year.


Pet Craft Supply Calming Pet Bed

This pet bed is soft, snuggly, and ultra-comforting for your dog or cat. In addition to his super-plush cover, it also comes with a soft blanket for hiding under, carrying around, or simply laying on top of. This bed screams coziness and would be perfect for your favorite furry snuggle-buddy.


Pet Craft Supply Soho Round Bed

Thanks to orthopedic memory foam and a plush cover, your cat or small dog will have joint-supporting comfort if you opt for this adorable round pet bed. The relatively high sides also give anxious pets a place to hide when they're feeling a bit less-than-sociable.


PetFusion Cooling Pet Blanket

Do you live in a warm climate? Does your pet often get too warm? This cooling blanket can help: It absorbs body heat and releases it, keeping your pooch or kitty comfortably cool while still providing a soft, snuggly surface to curl up on or  under. It comes in various sizes to fit any pet.



Pet Feeders and Treat Dispensers


It's always great when pets can help themselves to their treats and food.  Here are some products that will help that happen!


PetFusion Gravity H2O Feeder

This automatic watering station keeps water fresh and clean for your cat or dog. This is perfect on hot days, on a porch, when you go out for the day, or anytime you don't want your pet to be without clean water. The water basin and the lid are dishwasher safe, and the reservoir can be hand-washed.


Hyper Pet IQ Treat Mats

Some pets eat too quickly, which can lead to stomach upset, gas, and various digestive disturbances. This treat mat will help them slow down. They also encourage licking if you use wet treats; licking is a way that pets naturally calm themselves. Reduce anxiety and give your pet the gift of better digestion!


Ourpet’s Sushi Puzzle

This adorable puzzle features nine wells where you can hide treats or kibble for your dog or cat. He or she moves the sushi-shaped caps out of the way to find the treats. This toy provides mental stimulation that can help tire out your pet, and it has the side benefit of slowing down their eating, which is good for their digestion. There is also a waffle-themed food puzzle available.


Ourpet’s IQ Treat Balls

This IQ ball is excellent for dogs who need a bit of mental and physical stimulation; if they need to eat more slowly, that's a bonus! Simply fill it with your dog's regular kibble and he will quickly figure out how to roll, shake, and shove the ball around to get the food out. This comes in two sizes and is meant for dogs over 10 lbs.


Ourpet’s Slo Feeder Insert

Does your dog scarf down her meals and end up coughing or sick with excessive gas? It's a common issue, and this spiral-shaped bowl insert will help. Simply put it in your dog's food bowl and pour her kibble around it. The paddles will prevent her from inhaling the food, creating better habits and saving her some discomfort later.


Pet Zone Designer Diner

Your dog prefers to eat from an elevated surface rather than the floor, and this dining tray can accommodate him. It is adjustable; you can raise the tray to 2.75, 8, or 12 inches, depending on the size of your dog. It also collapses and the legs fold underneath when mealtime is over. This is perfect for all dogs, particularly older pets who can't bend to reach the ground as easily.


Pet Zone IQ Treat Balls

Dogs who tend to bark or act destructively are often bored and lack mental stimulation. This ball can help! Fill it with your dog's normal amount of food, or you can toss in a few treats for extra interest. He will roll the ball around, and individual pieces of food will fall out. He'll stay busy and will get in a good mental and physical workout.


Cat Toys


Toys will help your cat to become more active, which increases their level of fun, helps them expend energy, and keeps them healthy!


PetFusion Ambush Electronic Cat Toy

This is the ultimate kitty attention-getter. It satisfies your cat's hunting and pouncing instincts by popping the feather-covered prey out of the holes. There are slow and fast modes, and it shuts off automatically after eight minutes. Comes with the batteries included.


Pet Craft Supply Wiggle Pickle Cat Toy

It's a toss-up as to who this wiggling pickle toy will amuse more--you or your cat! You'll laugh as your kitty pounces, bites, and kicks this brightly colored toy. To make it even more fun, it comes with a catnip-infused packet. It's USB-rechargeable, so you won't need to worry about changing batteries.


Pet Craft Supply Silly Snacks Cat Toys


These are budget-friendly catnip toys that come in a variety of whimsical shapes. The ones pictured are pawpsicles, but there are also sets with chips and guac, a coffee and croissant, a taco with a truck, and more. These are perfect for batting around, pouncing, and chasing, so your favorite kitty is sure to love them.


Ourpet’s Twice the Mice Cat Toy

This is another catnip-scented toy that your cat will fall in love with. Cats love to chase mice, and these fuzzballs deliver an inviting texture as well as the squeaks that will encourage your kitten to want to hunt them down. The catnip helps to stimulate your cat and keep playtime fun.


Dog Toys

Dogs love to play, and having a variety of toys will encourage them to use their minds as well as their bodies to expend energy and stay fit.


Pet Craft Supply Hide and Seek Dog Toys

These crinkly, squeaky toys are great for any small dog. They come in a variety of themes; this one is a gym bag with socks and underwear, but you can also choose whimsical toys like a burrito complete with avocados, a jar with pickles, and a box with pizza slices!


Pet Craft Supply Jiggle Giggle Dog Toy

Does your dog like to shake her toys? If so, this pair silly characters will entertain both of you! Instead of a squeaker, it has a giggle-box, and shaking it gets it started. These are about 18 inches tall, so they're great for medium and large-sized dogs. This set comes with both a parrot and a puffin for double the fun.


GoDogGo Fetch Machine

Will your pup play fetch until your arm is sore? If so, this machine is for you. It tosses balls at varying distances (you set it with the remote), and it will hold up to 17 small tennis balls. Note that you can't use balls larger than 2.5 inches across or it won't work.


Hyper Pet Doggie Tail Dog Toy

This interactive toy will keep your dog running! It vibrates, jiggles, and even barks to engage your dog in active play. It comes with three AAA batteries, which you can replace as needed. Also, you can purchase a replacement fuzzy cover if your pup loves on this one a bit too much.


Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee

For fun anywhere you happen to roam, check out this two-pack of floppy frisbees. You can use these in your backyard, at the park or beach, or even in the pool, since they're water-friendly. They're nine inches in diameter, making them a good toy for medium and large dogs.


Hyper Pet Grab Tab Soccer Ball

Ball meets tug toy? Your dog will say yes, please! This soccer ball comes in two sizes, 5 or 7.5 inches in diameter. Both sizes come with fun grab-tabs for your pup to use to carry or pull the ball along. Two dogs can play tug together, you can play tug with your dog, or you can toss the ball for fetch. Many possibilities!


Hyper Pet 12 pack Tennis Balls for Dogs

This 12-pack of 2.5-inch tennis balls are safe for your dog and will work with most ball launchers. The 12-pack comes in yellow, but you can get a 4-pack in other colors, as well. Toss, bounce, and fetch to your dog's heart's content. Note that these aren't chew toys; you need to supervise Fido so he doesn't eat the felt off of the balls.


Hyper Pet K9 Kannon

If playing too much fetch is hard on your shoulder, you and your pup will love the K9 Kannon. Load it with a tennis ball (such as the ones featured above), pull the trigger, and watch it sail. There's a lever that you can use to manage how far the ball goes; keep it at a low level in the house or pull it all the way out in the yard!


Cat Furniture and Supplies

Let your kitty lounge, hide, and enjoy being a cat with these comfortable and fun options.


Pet Craft Supply Unicorn Cat Tunnel

Your cat (or cats) will love hiding, pouncing, and running through the tunnels of this amazing toy. The largest tunnel is four feet long, and then the "legs" of the unicorn are smaller spaces where they can hide and peek out. This comes in different varieties, including a green dinosaur and a red tiger.


Ourpet’s Cat Scratcher

Kitties love to scratch, and what better way to protect your furniture than with a few of these inexpensive scratch mats? For added interest, you can sprinkle catnip (included) into the holes of the mat. Your cat will happily sit on the mat, use it to sharpen her claws, and use it as a resting place.


PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

This is another scratching option to present to your favorite cat. It looks high-end, gives kitty several resting spots (so you can use it with more than one cat), and is irresistible to scratch on, especially when you add some of the catnip that comes with it.


PetFusion Hybrid Bookshelf/Perch

This bookshelf/perch provides lots of hiding and resting areas for a houseful of kitties! Set it up under a window for your cat to look out. It's reversible, so you can point the stairs to the left or the right. It comes with the lounging pad on top, the carpeted steps, and the storage bins. Dogs like this product, too!


Pet Zone Smart Scoop Litter Box

This automatic litter box is more of a gift to the cat-lover in your life, but kitties always appreciate a clean litter box. The way it works is that after kitty does her business, the automatic scooping arm will remove all clumps and deposit them into the top section, which you can clean out with no muss and no fuss.


Outback Jack Kitty Compound

Does your cat long to be let outside, but you don't have an area where he can be safely contained? Well, with this kitty compound, you do! The mesh allows Fluffy to see everything that's going on, while the zippers keep him safe from running away. 



Treat-time is your dog's favorite part of the day! If you have a real chow-hound, you won't want to miss out on these potential gifts.


Hyper Pet IQ Treat Spreads

Many dogs love peanut butter, but some commercial varieties can contain dangerous ingredients such as xylitol or too much salt or sugar for dogs. That's where this treat spread comes in! It's formulated to be safe for your pooch, and you can spread it on a treat mat or smear it inside of a Kong toy. Yum!


Wild Eats Water Buffalo Cheek Rolls

These cheek rolls are sourced from water buffalo and they are made for extreme chewers. If your dog can't get enough chewing, these rolls will be able to stand up to long sessions. These are low in fat, high in protein, and rawhide-free.


Wild Eats Water Buffalo Ears 20-pack

A healthier alternative to greasy pig ears or potentially dangerous rawhide, these buffalo ears are great to use as long-lasting treats. They'll help keep your dog's teeth clean and will give him something to do if he's contained to a crate or left home alone. This is a 20-pack, so it will last your dog a while!


Wild Eats Water Buffalo Salmon

Both dogs and cats will jump for joy when you bring out these salmon rolls. Sourced from Alaskan wild salmon, these are single-ingredient, making them appropriate for pets with allergies or sensitivities. They're a great source of omega-3s and high in protein.


Wild Eats Water Buffalo Prime Select

Can't choose your favorite chew to stuff in your dog's stocking? Well, now you don't have to! This is a package containing seven different types of water buffalo chews, including trachea, rib bone, femur, and ear. They're high in protein, low in fat, and rawhide-free. You can't go wrong with this set!


Wild Eats Water Buffalo Sweet Potato

Your dog will love unwrapping this package of chicken and sweet potato treats. They're low in calories and don't contain any potentially harmful additives or preservatives. They're crunchy, delicious, high in fiber, and low in fat, making them easy on your dog's digestive system.


Final Wrap-Up

Well, you've looked through dozens of high-quality toys, furniture, treats, and more, and you should have a good idea of what your cat or dog (or your favorite pet-owner) would like best! We encourage you to experiment with different products, treats, and toys to expose your four-legged pal to some of the pleasures of life. Enjoy your gift-giving!

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