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Products at a Glance
Product title Materials Options Retail Price Wholesale Price
Insulated Travel bottle Double wall stainless steel, polypropylene, silicone Color: Brushed Steel, Mint $22.95 / $19.95 $17.50 / $15.25
Digital Food Scale & Scoop ABS plastic / LCD Size: 1 cup, 2 cup $24.95 $12.48
Silicone Pet Food Mats (X-Large, new color) FDA grade silicone Size: XL, now in beige $29.95 $23.95
Bamboo Raised Pet Feeder Sustainable Bamboo Size: Short (4"), Tall (8") $49.95 / $69.95 $38.00 / $53.50

Key Features:

Insulated Travel Bottle (perfect for long walks, dog parks, hiking...)
1. Portable & versatile (water or dry food on the go)
2. Insulated for optimal water temperature (65-75 degrees F)
3. Convenient wide mouth and long sleeve
4. Leak proof
5. Eco friendly

Digital Food Scale & Scoop (great compliment to dry pet food)
1. Precision measurement (oz, fl oz, g, ml, tsp)
2. Promotes better nutrition & weight control
3. Intuitive hand held design, table or free standing
4. Scoop & measure straight from the bag

Silicone Pet Food Mats (natural fit for any modern dog or cat household)
1. Superior hygiene: anti-microbial, water/stain resistant, non-toxic, non-allergenic
2. Raised outer lip & anti-slip traction
3. Easy to fold, carry, clean; dishwasher safe
4. Small & large, multiple color options

Bamboo Raised Pet Feeder (blends seamlessly with your modern kitchen)
1. Natural & durable bamboo with 3 coats of water resistant seal
2. Supports digestive health & makes mealtime more comfortable
3. U.S. Food Grade stainless steel bowls
4. 4, 8 inch tall versions; 3 cup, 7 cup bowls respectively
[Material: Bamboo responsibly sourced from dedicated plantations, 304 grade stainless steel]

Product title Materials Options Retail Price Wholesale Price
BetterBox Non-Stick Litter Box ABS plastic Already in Chewy catalog $39.95 $27.95
ToughGrip Litter Mat FDA grade silicone Already in Chewy catalog $25.95 $19.99
QuickScoop Litter Scoop ABS plastic Already in Chewy catalog $13.95 $8.95
Litter Caddy Disposal System ABS & polypropylene -- $49.95 $38.00
Litter Storage Bin ABS & polypropylene -- $52.95 $40.50
Compostable Bags (15 unit roll) PBAT & PLA -- $2.49 $1.25
ModestCat Privacy Screen Bamboo & polypropylene Already in Chewy catalog $59.95 $44.95

Key Features:

Your 1 stop shop for easy cleaning
1. BetterBox: non-stick, anti-microbial, vet recommended features
2. ToughGrip Mat: surface cleaning, leak proof, versatile (vacuum, broom, cloth)
3. QuickScoop: designed to scoop 'underneath' clumped litter rather than into it
4. Litter Caddy: portable disposal, gasket sealed, flexible options (bags, deodorizers)
5. Litter Storage Bin: easy access, easy pour, easy carry or pull
6. Compostable Bags: eco friendly, multi-purpose
7. ModestCat Privacy Screen: designed for cat households (3x4'), privacy & personal space for you & your cat(s)

Product title Materials Options Retail Price Wholesale Price
Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy ABS plastic, LEDs Already in Chewy catalog $25.95 $17.35
Branch-Out Cat Scratching Post MDF (EO grade), sisal -- $59.95 $29.98
Window Climbing Perch MDF (EO grade), sisal, PVC suction cups -- $69.95 $53.00

Key Features:

Modern Cat Furniture (minimalistic designs, better functionality)
1. Branch-Out Cat Scratching Post: innovative tree branch design is a great source of (innate) mental & physical stimulation (add-on branches available)
2. Window Climbing Perch: fun & more stable alternative to standard window perches, frees up space, stylish design

Ambush Interactive Cat Toy (interactive, instinctual, stimulating play)
1. Turkey feather randomly pops out 6 exit points
2. Stimulates your cat's natural hunting instincts
3. Daytime or nighttime use
4. Batteries included; long battery life

Product title Materials Options Retail Price Wholesale Price
Multi-Purpose Pet Gloves Synthetic leather, TPU, spandex, silicone grippers Size: M, L $24.95 $19.00
Premium Microplush Pet Blankets (Medium) 100% polyester Already in Chewy catalog $19.95 $15.95
Premium Plus Quilted Pet Blankets (Medium) 100% polyester, 70 GSM inner fill Already in Chewy catalog $24.95 $17.95

Key Features:

Multi-Purpose Pet Gloves (great for grooming, trips to the vet, giving medicine & during teething)
1. Scratch resistant without harmful chemicals
2. Water resistant hands & sleeves
3. Good functional dexterity

Microplush & Quilted Pet Blankets (standalone or as compliment to dog or cat bed)
1. Ultra soft and cozy, added security
2. Double layered & reversible
3. Stylish design, easy care
4. Quilted blankets include light inner polyfill for added warmth